A momentous meeting between IIFSO and TUĞVA
July 19, 2023


A momentous meeting between the International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO) and the Turkish Youth Foundation (TUĞVA) took place in Istanbul, aimed at strengthening cooperation and mutual understanding. The meeting saw the participation of distinguished representatives, including President İbrahim Beşinci from TUĞVA and Assistant General Secretaries of IIFSO, Shakeel Ahmed and Abdullah Ahmed.

In addition to the leadership figures, Hafiz Uzair Ali Khan, an esteemed executive board member of IIFSO, played a vital role in the discussions, offering valuable insights into the organization’s strategies and goals.

Representing the foreign affairs division of TUĞVA, Muhammad Malik’s presence added an international perspective, underscoring the importance of global collaboration among Muslim youth organizations.

Throughout the meeting, the participants focused on various areas of common interest, including educational initiatives and cultural exchange programs. They exchanged ideas on fostering peace, empowering youth, and addressing challenges faced by their communities.

The event concluded with a renewed commitment from both organizations to work hand in hand, promoting harmony and solidarity among young Muslims worldwide. Plans for joint projects and future collaborations were discussed, showcasing the dedication of IIFSO and Tugva to creating a positive impact in the lives of young people.

The meeting marked a significant step forward in the shared pursuit of unity and cooperation between IIFSO and Tugva, highlighting the potential for transformative change when like-minded organizations come together for a common cause.


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