Events of the IIFSO 2024 Iftar programme
April 6, 2024

The International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations held a public Iftar in Istanbul, April 6, in which student organizations from more than 30 countries around the world participated, for the first time in several years.

Dr. Mustafa Faisal, Secretary General of IIFSO, said that in this Iftar, we emphasize the unity of the Islamic nation and the role of youth and student organizations in solving the nation’s problems, most notably the Palestinian issue.

“IIFSO has a long history in student work and exporting young leaders to serve the nation’s issues, which enables it to assume many responsibilities towards various Muslim issues in the world”, Faisal added.

For his part, İsmail Mansur Özdemir, advisor to the YTB presidency, stressed that Muslim immigrants from various countries to Turkey are our brothers and we are honored by their presence and it is our duty to provide assistance to them, and that we will not leave what is happening in Gaza limited to the local level, but we will internationalize the issue so that the Palestinians obtain their rights.

In confirmation of this, Dr. Ashraf Awad, President of the Muslim World Youth Forum, expressed his mercy to the martyrs of Palestine, whose number exceeded 33 thousand, stressing that this stage is a turning point in the nation’s history, and that the current battle is unprecedented, and will have a role in restoring the nation’s civilizational role.

“Awad” concluded his speech by thanking IIFSO for organizing such important student events, explaining the great role of youth in this battle, and that victory will be our ally and it is very close.

Cihat Çelik, head of youth at İHH, expressed the importance of the IIFSO Foundation in uniting Islamic action organizations around the world, stressing the centrality of the Palestinian issue to the nation’s institutions.

In his speech to the attendees, Dr. Abdullah Ahmed, Assistant Secretary-General of IIFSO, stated that this Iftar is the first of its kind in several years, thanking all the attendees, whose number exceeded 100 people from various youth and student organizations.

“Ahmed” added that each of us has his own cause that he works for, and that our brothers in Palestine are not only defending themselves, but also defending the honor of the nation, so we must have a role with them, Allah Almighty says: {Indeed, this is your nation, a nation. One, and I am your Lord, so worship Me} So the issue of the nation’s unity is one of the universals and necessities of religion, and not a partial issue.

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