Farhan Rosli, Director of Asia Pacific Region and Executive Member of IIFSO, is invited as Speaker at UNHQ Counter-Terrorism Week
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June 25, 2023

Farhan Rosli, Director of Asia Pacific Region and Executive Member of IIFSO, Invited as Speaker at UNHQ Counter-Terrorism Week*

The International Islamic Federation of Islamic Organizations (IIFSO) proudly announces that Farhan Rosli, the Director of the Asia Pacific Region and an Executive member of IIFSO, has been invited as a distinguished speaker at the Counter-Terrorism Week, hosted at the United Nations Headquarters (UNHQ) in New York.

Farhan Rosli, also the President of PKPIM Malaysia, has been recognized for his outstanding contributions in the field of youth engagement in countering violent extremism.

The Counter-Terrorism Week is a highly regarded event that convenes renowned experts, policymakers, and leaders from across the globe to discuss strategies and initiatives aimed at countering terrorism and fostering peace. With a specific focus on the role of youth and sports, this forum seeks to highlight the potential of sports in preventing and mitigating the spread of violent extremism.

Farhan Rosli’s extensive experience in youth empowerment and his work with IIFSO make him an ideal candidate to address this pressing issue. As the Director of the Asia Pacific Region at IIFSO, he has played a crucial role in promoting understanding, tolerance, and peace within Muslim youth and communities.

The invitation to speak at the Counter-Terrorism Week not only recognizes Farhan Rosli’s personal achievements but also underscores the significant role that IIFSO plays in promoting peace, unity, and resilience within the global Muslim community.

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