IIFSO Executive meeting - 2024
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May 5, 2024

The International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO) convened its Executive Committee Meeting Yesterday, Saturday 4th May, at its headquarters in Istanbul Turkey. The important meeting aimed at charting the course for the federation’s future endeavors.

During the session, several important topics were deliberated upon, reflecting the diverse and pressing concerns of the organization:

Showcasing Regional Initiatives: Members discussed strategies for highlighting the impactful work undertaken across different regions under the federation’s umbrella.
Engagement with the Palestinian Issue: The meeting saw active engagement on the Palestinian issue, emphasizing the federation’s commitment to addressing and supporting Palestinian cause and the relevant causes.

Celebrating Past Achievements: A comprehensive review of the federation’s achievements over the past year was presented, underscoring the collective progress made in advancing its mission.

Strategic Planning for 2024-2025: Deliberations centered around formulating a robust roadmap for the upcoming year, ensuring alignment with the federation’s overarching goals and objectives.

Expansion of Memberships: Discussions were held regarding the inclusion of new members, aiming to broaden the federation’s reach and impact on a global scale.

Financial Policies and Organizational Participation: The meeting also focused on financial policies and enhancing the participation of member organizations in the federation’s activities.

The gathering witnessed enthusiastic participation from all members, fostering a dynamic environment conducive to brainstorming and sharing of valuable insights and ideas.

In his concluding remarks, the Secretary of IIFSO, Dr Mostafa Faisal emphasized the significance of concerted efforts and collaboration in strengthening the federation’s influence across its affiliated organizations worldwide. He underscored the need for continued dedication and proactive measures to drive the federation towards greater success and development, nurturing future leaders on a global stage.

The meeting concluded on a positive note, with members reaffirming their commitment to advancing the mission and vision of IIFSO, and pledging to work tirelessly towards achieving its objectives.

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IIFSO Executive meeting - 2024
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