IIFSO held a meeting with the Presidents of international student and youth organizations in Türkiye
May 27, 2023
IIFSO held a meeting with the Presidents of international student and youth organizations in Türkiye.
This gathering included leaders from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Turkiye, Bangsamoro, East Turkistan, Philippines, Myanmar, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Tajikistan, Morocco, Yemen, Chad, Palestine, Jordan, and Tunisia.
Dr. Mostafa Faisal, the Secretary General of IIFSO, presided over the meet-up. During the event, Dr. Faisal emphasized the importance of fostering a spirit of Muslim brotherhood through collaborative efforts. He stressed the need to work together as a united front to transcend boundaries and achieve remarkable outcomes.
Dr. Faisal also highlighted the promotion of economic interdependence and collaboration among Muslim nations as a means to strengthen the global economy. Furthermore, he encouraged the participants to strive for excellence and acquire the necessary skills to lead on a global scale, emphasizing the importance of investing in the intellectual development of Muslim students.
This investment would equip them with the tools to make a lasting impact on the world. In his closing address, Dr. Abdullah Ahmed, Assistant Secretary General of IIFSO, expressed his gratitude to all the attendees for their support and active participation.

Snapshots from the meeting:

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