Participation of IIFSO Leaders in the 10th National Conference of the Student Renewal Organization in Morocco
August 6, 2023

Leaders of the International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO) participated in the proceedings of the 10th National Conference of the Student Renewal Organization in the Kingdom of Morocco, from which Brother Mustafa Alawi was re-elected as the President of the Student Renewal Organization for a second term (2023 – 2025).

Present at the conference on behalf of IIFSO were Dr. Mustafa Faisal Parvez, the Secretary-General, and Dr. Abdullah Ahmed, the Assistant Secretary-General of the federation.

IIFSO representatives extended their congratulations to Brother Mustafa Alawi, who currently also holds the position of a member of the Executive Council of the federation, on his re-election, praying for his continued success and guidance.

Dr. Parvez, the Secretary-General, expressed his wishes for the success of the conference and its outcomes, hoping that they would contribute to the development of student and youth work in Morocco and around the world. He also commended the lively electoral process witnessed during the conference.

In turn, Dr. Abdullah, the Assistant Secretary-General, emphasized the significance of the role played by Islamic student organizations, reiterating IIFSO’s support for all activities and entities working to empower and support Muslim youth.

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