Secretary-General Officially Visits Thailand for Attending Key Conferences and Engagements
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January 28, 2024

In a series of significant engagements, Dr. Mostafa Faisal Parvez, the esteemed Secretary-General of the International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO), recently completed an official visit to Thailand. This visit was marked by his participation in pivotal conferences and meetings that underscored the collaborative spirit between IIFSO and various Muslim organizations in Thailand.

Insightful Address at the Annual General Conference

One of the highlights of Dr. Parvez’s visit was his keynote speech at the Annual General Conference organized by the Young Muslim Association of Thailand (YMAT). Dr. Parvez eloquently discussed the pressing political and ideological challenges that the Muslim world currently faces, with a particular focus on the vital role that youth organizations have in addressing these issues, especially within non-Muslim majority countries. His analysis sparked a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives, contributing significantly to the discourse on the empowerment and development of Muslim youth.

Warm Reception and Collaborative Spirit

The YMAT extended a heartfelt welcome to Dr. Parvez, showcasing their commitment to fostering strong ties with IIFSO and supporting the collective mission of advancing the interests and well-being of the Muslim youth. This visit exemplified the collaborative spirit and shared goals between the two organizations.

Participation in the “PALESTINE: Moments of Truth” Conference

Adding to the significance of his visit, Dr. Parvez also participated in the “PALESTINE: Moments of Truth” panel, an international conference organized by the Council for Humanitarian Network of the Sheikhul Islam Office in Thailand. The event featured notable speakers, including the Deputy Religious Minister of Malaysia and the Supreme Muslim Leader of Thailand, highlighting the international community’s focus on the Palestinian cause.

Honorary Meetings and Dinners

In a testament to the esteem in which Dr. Parvez is held, the Deputy Minister of Religion of Malaysia, Senator Dr. Zulkifli Hasan, hosted him during his official visit, which included a meeting and dinner in his honor. The gathering was attended by prominent leaders such as Fahmi Samsudin, President of ABIM; Dzul Aiman, President of PKPIM; Mr. Meezan Thaoprathan, President of YMAT; and Muyaheedeen Tohseng, President of TMSA, further emphasizing the collective support and respect for Dr. Parvez’s work and the IIFSO’s mission.

Dr. Mostafa Faisal Parvez’s visit to Thailand represents a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to strengthen the bonds between IIFSO and Muslim communities around the world. Through his engagements and the warm reception, he received, the visit highlights the collective endeavor towards addressing the challenges facing the Muslim youth and the broader Ummah, fostering a spirit of collaboration and mutual support among the involved organizations and leaders.

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