Successful Arrangement of International Winter Summit 2024 on Challenges of Future Leaders of Ummah
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The IIFSO proudly arranged the International Winter Summit on February 17, 2024, at Hikmet derneği, focusing on the “Challenges of Future Leaders of Ummah.” This one-day summit brought together 90 students from 45 countries, creating a dynamic forum for exploring the pivotal challenges that lie ahead for the Ummah’s emerging leaders.

Distinguished Speakers

The event featured a series of enlightening keynote speeches from renowned figures such as İsmail Mansur Özdemir (Advisor to the YTB President), Hasan Yaşar (Head of Foreign Affairs at Cansuyu), Dr. Kayyim Naoki Yamamoto (Islamic intellectual tradition expert at Marmara University), Mehmet Fatih Serenli (Former OIC SESRIC Director), Recep Seyyar (President of IHH Migration and Diaspora Association), and Faisal Safi (President of Hikmet Association), each offering their unique perspectives on the leadership challenges facing the Ummah.

Exchange of Ideas

The summit was a vibrant platform for sharing experiences and ideas, highlighting the diversity within the Ummah. Participants engaged in meaningful discussions, sharing personal stories and insights that underscored their common aspirations and the collective resolve to overcome obstacles.

Identified Challenges

Key challenges identified during the summit included the need for greater access to education, addressing economic inequalities, promoting social justice, and overcoming intercultural misunderstandings. The discussions emphasized the need for proactive leadership in tackling these issues to drive positive change.

Recommendations for Action

The summit underscored several actionable recommendations, including the adoption of technology to expand educational opportunities, initiatives to reduce economic disparities, efforts to enhance social justice, and strategies to improve intercultural communication. The pivotal role of ethical and informed leadership in implementing these solutions was highlighted as essential for progress.

The International Winter Summit 2024 was a significant step towards fostering unity and collective action among students from diverse backgrounds. By promoting dialogue, mutual understanding, and collaboration, the event set the stage for empowering the future leaders of the Ummah to navigate the complex challenges of our times, ensuring a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

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