The Egyptian Minister of Youths, Dr. Osama Yassin, signs a cooperation protocol with IIFSO
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May 30, 2013


Dr. Osama Yassin, the esteemed Egyptian Minister of Youth, solidified Egypt’s commitment to the growth and development of its youth by signing a significant joint cooperation protocol with the International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO) in Cairo in 2013. The historic agreement paves the way for a transformative collaboration aimed at nurturing the potential of Arab youth on both local and international fronts.

At the signing event, attended by dignitaries and youth advocates, Dr. Osama Yassin and Khallad Swaid, the Secretary General of IIFSO, embarked on a journey of strategic cooperation. The protocol is set to create a specialized unit dedicated to research and studies focused on Arab youth, with an emphasis on producing an annual comprehensive report shedding light on their circumstances and realities.

The cornerstone of the protocol lies in the commitment to launching annual campaigns geared towards the empowerment and education of Arab youth across a spectrum of disciplines. This cooperative effort will extend to the organization of activities and services, jointly executed by the Ministry of Youth and the IIFSO. These initiatives are poised to resonate deeply within Arab youth communities, transcending geographical boundaries and fostering a shared sense of purpose.

“This cooperation protocol underscores our unwavering dedication to the future leaders of Egypt and the Arab world. By synergizing our efforts with the IIFSO, we aim to provide the youth with unparalleled opportunities for growth, learning, and engagement,” expressed Dr. Osama Yassin, speaking on the significance of the partnership.

Khallad Swaid, Secretary General of IIFSO, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the mutual objectives of the collaboration. “Our union with Egypt’s Ministry of Youth is a testament to our shared vision of youth development. By pooling resources and expertise, we are better poised to realize the potential of Arab youth and propel them onto the global stage.”

The protocol signifies the Ministry of Youth’s steadfast commitment to collaboration with institutions invested in youth affairs across local, regional, and international levels. The resulting synergy aims to offer exceptional services and programs to the vibrant youth community in Egypt, facilitating robust communication and engagement between them and their counterparts worldwide.

Founded in 1969, the International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO) serves as a beacon of youth empowerment. The organization is dedicated to elevating student and youth potential, molding influential figures, amplifying the youth voice in global forums, and championing their rights.

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