Media Statement about “Election of the 13th Secretary General of the IIFSO”

Dr. Mostafa Faisal Parvez (Bangladesh) has been elected as the Secretary-General of the International Islamic Federation of Student Organisations (IIFSO), with effect from 1 May 2023, for an initial term of three years.

The vote took place during the session of General Assembly of IIFSO council, which is meeting between 29-30 April 2023. The decision of the election was announced immediately at the 2nd session of the Assembly.

Dr. Faisal was the Director of the Asian region of IIFSO from 2019. He is currently president of Asian Youth Association and Coordinator of International Division of the Yeni Dunya Vakfi, which is renowned Civil Society NGO of Turkey.

He received his PhD degree on “International Refugee Crisis and Rohingya Problem” from the Department of Public Administration and Political Science, Gazi University in Ankara, Turkey.

Dr. Faisal has written several books in Bengali, English and Turkish. From Ataturk to Erdogan: 100 Years of Changing Turkey, Caretaker Government: Past Present and Future, International Migration and Rohingya Crisis (Turkish), Ruhingya Refugee Crisis: History of Persecution and Global Migration Governance, Rohingya Problem and Bangladesh.

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