Former Swedish MP Mr. Mehmet Kaplan and IIFSO Secretary General Dr. Mostafa Faisal Parvez Extend a Courtesy Visit
July 31, 2023


In a show of mutual respect and friendship, the former popular Member of Parliament and Minister of Sweden, Mr. Mehmet Kaplan, along with Dr. Mostafa Faisal Parvez, the Secretary General of IIFSO (International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations), paid a gracious courtesy visit to today.

Mr. Kaplan, a prominent figure with a long-standing commitment to serving European societies, Muslim communities, and oppressed humanity across the globe, shared warm moments with his hosts during the meeting. Hailing from an illustrious backg round, Mr. Kaplan notably served as the former Central President of “Sveriges Unga Muslimer/Young Muslims of Sweden,” a youth organization dedicated to promoting unity and empowering young Muslims in the country.

Dr. Mostafa Faisal Parvez, the Secretary General of IIFSO, also played a significant role in the meeting. IIFSO, an international organization committed to supporting and representing Muslim students worldwide, has been at the forefront of initiatives aimed at empowering youth and creating a positive impact on society.

During the visit, the two prominent figures engaged in meaningful discussions about pressing global challenges and the potential for collaborative efforts to address them. Their commitment to promoting inclusivity, diversity, and unity was evident as they emphasized the importance of working together for the betterment of humanity.

The courtesy visit of Mr. Mehmet Kaplan and Dr. Mostafa Faisal Parvez marks another milestone in their remarkable careers and reaffirms their shared vision of building a more harmonious and understanding world.

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