The start of the activities of the 11th conference of the General Union of Mauritanian Students
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July 2, 2023

On the evening of July 1, 2023, the eleventh general conference of the National Union of Mauritanian Students commenced at the premises of the Higher Institute of Accounting and Institutional Management. Over 300 delegates representing the union’s affiliates from national higher education institutions and Mauritanian students studying abroad participated in the conference.

The opening ceremony witnessed a significant turnout, including distinguished administrative, academic, and national figures, as well as international guests. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research was represented by the Secretary-General of the Ministry, Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Handa, along with the Minister’s Advisor, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Talib. The Director of Higher Education Institutions and other notable individuals such as the Vice-President of the University of Nouakchott, deans, faculty administrators, directors of higher education institutes, the Director-General of the Higher Institute of Accounting and Institutional Management, former secretaries-general of the Union, university professors, parliamentarians, and civil society leaders were also present. Notably, student delegations from Palestine, Morocco, and Senegal participated in the ceremony.

The program commenced with recitations from the Holy Quran by Abdullah Al-Talib, followed by the audience standing for the national and union anthems.

Muhammad Yahya Al-Mustafa, the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the Eleventh General Conference, delivered a speech affirming the committee’s recognition of the responsibilities entrusted to them. He expressed their commitment to tireless efforts in ensuring the conference’s success and a remarkable appearance.

Al-Mustafa Sidi Opec, the Secretary-General of the National Union of Mauritanian Students, emphasized the Union’s achievements, its widespread presence in higher education institutions, and its unwavering commitment to defending the rights and interests of students. He reiterated the Union’s dedication to following the path laid out by its founding generation.

Sayed Mohamed Abdel-Daem, the Director of the Higher Institute of Accounting and Institutional Management, extended a warm welcome to the Union and its activists on the occasion of their eleventh general conference, hosted within the Institute’s premises.

Former secretaries-general of the federation highlighted the challenges faced during the institution’s inception and transformation from a dream to a reality. They praised the continued efforts of the activists in upholding the federation’s principles.

During their speeches, Mr. Wissam Yahya Al-Qatati, the Secretary of the Islamic Bloc in Palestine; Mr. Mustafa Al-Alawi, the President of the Student Renewal Organization and a member of the Executive Board of IIFSO; Mr. Saber Emdenine, the National Clerk of the National Union of Moroccan Students; and Ibrahim Dido, the Culture Officer of the National Association of Muslim Students in Senegal, commended the maturity of the National Union of Mauritanian Students’ experience. They emphasized the importance of expanding partnerships to enhance serious student work.

Mr. Ibrahim Ibti, the president of the Mauritanian Bar Association, praised the union’s pioneering experience, emphasizing the significance of student work in national progress and the need to uphold the union’s distinctiveness in championing just causes.

The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research highlighted the commitment of the governing authorities to support the advancement of higher education within the Ministry’s vision. He stressed the importance of strengthening partnerships across various sectors in the field of higher education.

The conference activities will continue until July 3, with the closing ceremony on Monday evening at the Higher Institute of Accounting and Institutional Management. The conference will announce its outcomes, including the ratification of the federation’s statutes, approval of general strategies for the new mission, and the election of the federation’s leadership for the next stage.

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