About military coup in Egypt
August 31, 2013

The EXCO and the head of the shoura council of the International Islamic Federation of Student Organisations (IIFSO) met in Istanbul on the 31st of August 2013 discussing various internal issues as well as the situation of the Muslim youth and students all over the world, stating the following:

  • The IIFSO condemns the bloody military coup in Egypt on the 3rd of July, wiping away the legitimate constitution and various elections representing the will of the Egyptian people.
  • The IIFSO denounces in the strongest possible terms the bloody massacres committed by the Egyptian security forces when breaking the peaceful sit-ins of Rabia and Nahda square as well as various demonstrations all over the country, getting back to the police state of the Mubarak regime, as well as the incarceration and torture of anyone opposing them
  • The IIFSO condemns any attack, verbal or bodily, on any religion especially worshiping houses like churches and mosques ANFACHEN instigating sectarianism
  • The IIFSO denounces the support of the coup against the democratically elected government by various countries in the region and furthermore by any mean, even by not naming it a coup.
  • The approach of the international community dealing with the government instated by the Egyptian military is a clear breach of the democratic principles it is calling for, endangering democracy as a whole, especially in the countries of the Arabic spring
  • Therefore the IIFSO fears the rise of extremist thoughts especially within the young generations rejecting democracy and its principles, a peaceful way of election and government, as it seems they are only viable when the results are ANGENEHM
  • The IIFSO calls the United Nations and the international community to be up to its responsibility denouncing the military coup and preventing its negative effects on Egypt, the region and the world as a whole and helping Egypt to find its way back to democracy
  • The IIFSO calls the protesters in Egypt to stick to peaceful means in their demand for the right of freedom, justice, democracy and SELBSTBESTIMMUNG, as well as protecting the society from any rift
  • The IIFSO calls its member organisations as well as all freedom and justice loving to express their solidarity with the Egyptian people in rejecting the military coup and the current policy of the Egyptian regime by any peaceful mean such as:
  • demonstrations & rallies in front of Egyptian embassies and international institutions
  • Press conferences and declarations raising media attention for this just cause
  • Organising educational events with eyewitnesses of the atrocities, which IIFSO can VERMITTELN
  • Pressuring their governments in taking a stand in favour of freedom, justice and democracy
  • The IIFSO denounces the horrible attack on the people of Syria, especially the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime and rejects foreign, specifically military intervention, calling the international community to be up to its responsibility and to do whatever possible preventing the humanitarian crises from further detoriation within and in the surrounding of Syria

Finally yet importantly, we pray to the creator of the universe to be merciful with all the martyrs who lost their lives in the struggle for freedom and justice and bless us with wisdom, perseverance and steadfastness to overcome these challenges working altogether towards a peaceful and just world.

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