About the 2nd World Human Rights Forum the youth and student organisations
November 29, 2014

While attending the 2nd World Human Rights Forum the youth and student organisations as well as activists discussed in a specific session the relation between the student and youth movement and human rights. The movements evaluated the achievements of their struggle for freedom and the right to self-determination defending individual freedom, democracy and social justice and recognised the necessity of a stronger connection with the human rights movement highlighting rights like the right to freedom of expression, freedom of thought and religious freedom, equality and education.

On the occasion of the World Human Rights Forum we would like to renew our condemnation of the human rights abuse of security forces excluding from universities, jailing, torturing and killing students in campuses and even lecture halls and expresses our full solidarity with the Egyptian people and especially the student movement in their struggle against the military coup. We also would like to express our support to any struggle for just causes, human and especially student rights wherever they are happening like in Palestine, Syria, Hong Kong or Mexico to name but a few refusing any kind of extremism or terrorism. We demand thereby from all governments and international institutions to protect these student movements in their struggle and not to alienate them.

While being proud of being part of the struggle of the youth and student movements worldwide as well as the family of the human rights movement the attending youth and student movements highlighted the following:

  • Our readiness to fully engage and coordinate with all human rights organisations to fight for, secure and safe guard human rights, especially when it comes to youth and students
  • The necessity to coordinate on worldwide level between youth and student movements and organisations in their struggle for just causes and as well as in helping the oppressed and those seeking refuge
  • Express our support for “students without borders” by spreading the word, coordination and exchanging information
  • Our will to enhance the level of human rights education and awareness within the field of youth and student movements in general highlighting the need for an understanding of a worldwide approach of human rights which is taking regional and local cultures and habits into account


The signing organisations

The International Federation of Student Organisations (IIFSO)

The General Tunisian Student Union

The General Union of Free Students Algeria

National Union of Kuwait Students

Students Without Borders


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