Enes Yalman elected for IIFSO Secretary-General
April 13, 2019
The International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO) member organizations convened for the 13th General Assembly Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, to elect with a unanimous vote, Enes Yalman as the Secretary-General of the Federation.
The General Assembly was held over two days and addressed key topics including the sustainability of youth organizations, the needs of Muslim youth organizations around the world, as well as the importance and need for inclusion of women in all aspects of youth work.
The member organizations expressed their dedication to sharing best practices and coordinating their efforts through IIFSO, to realize a better, sustainable future for youth around the world.
In his confirmation speech, Secretary-General Enes Yalman said:
“It is inspiring for us to see the great work our member organizations are doing across the world in building a strong and vibrant student community. I feel humbled by their trust in me to support the leadership of this organization to affect global change for young Muslims. We hope to build on the successes of the previous board and ensure IIFSO is a truly representative and effective platform for our members. We thank the previous board for their time and efforts, may Allah accept, Ameen.”
1. IIFSO is the umbrella body for Muslim Youth and Student Organizations across the world.
2. IIFSO is a Non-Governmental Organization with UN status

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