IIFSO Stand in Solidarity with the people of Kashmir
August 9, 2019

Media Statement

9 August 2019
IIFSO Stand in Solidarity with the people of Kashmir.
There is much unrest and instability in Kashmir as a result of the Indian Government’s announcement to revoke Article 370 and 35A without consultation of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. These Articles provides for the special status and autonomy for Kashmir which has also been given to other states in India, recognizing the regional differences. To unilaterally remove these rights will only create further divisions.
The presence of an additional 35,000 India troops and restrictions on civilians has added to this unfolding crisis.
Given Kashmir is the only Muslim majority state in India, the actions of the Indian Government are both provocative and careless.
We urge the international community to do more to tackle the injustice faced by the people of Kashmir.
IIFSO remains committed the cause of the Kashmiri people.

Enes Yalman
Secretary-General of IIFSO

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